About me

About me

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Blondeish, a blog directed towards life-loving, fashion forward individuals interested in reading fresh content put forward by yours truly. Launched in 2017 after a massive rebranding, Blondeish is a site that looks to provide my personal angle on all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The blog gets it’s name from my hair color and personality which is Blondeish in every sense of the word. As you’ll come to find, I’m light-hearted, adventurous, relaxed, and, sometimes, a little goofy. If you love shoes, traveling, makeup, and anything fashion-related, for that matter, then we’re sure to get along. I look to provide my readers with fashion inspiration, as well as engaging articles that convey my animated personality and innate sense of wanderlust. Whether it be through my outfit of the day posts, a makeup review, or some quick pictures I snapped of a fashionable passerby in the street, I commit to invite you into my life in order to share positive thoughts and humorous anecdotes pertaining to my many passions. Blondeish has been the concretization of my desire to share my thoughts with those willing to listen.

Now, let me tell you a little about me. My name is Carolina Monestel, though I go by Caro, and I am proudly Costa Rican. I am a junior at the Savannah College of Art and Design obsessed with her Fashion Marketing and Management studies. Like any good Costa Rican, I possess a love for life that is hard to accurately express in words, and I try to channel that passion in everything I do. Despite this, however, I’m still getting used to adulthood, I make mistakes, and I take things one day at a time. This is me inviting you to take this journey with me, through my own little corner on the Internet. Feel free to look around and don’t forget to subscribe.

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