A Makeshift Collab: Pairing Louis Vuitton and Supreme

A Makeshift Collab: Pairing Louis Vuitton and Supreme
1Cap, Supreme, www.supremenewyork.com
2Sunglasses, Christian Dior, www.dior.com
3Jacket, Boohoo, www.boohoo.com
4Blouse, Storets, www.storets.com

As you probably saw, earlier this year Louis Vuitton released a collaboration with Supreme and everyone went wild. I was desperate to get my hands on the accessories that took the fashion world by storm. Of course I didn’t as the prices were a bit absurd. However, it didn’t stop me from recreating my own makeshift collaboration between the luxury giant and the skate-wear brand Supreme.

In case you somehow missed the craze, the collaboration has been amongst the most anticipated in the industry in years:

“There’s no doubt the collab will inspire a new cadre of chic showgoers, those who in the past have paired Supreme tees, beanies, and puffers with their designer gear.” -Brooke Bobb, Vogue

After all, there’s something really cool about mixing sporty and elegant pieces. I tried to echo the collaborations aesthetic by pairing my Neverfull bag with a Supreme logo cap. Ultimately, I knew I wanted to go all out with my look. I added a mermaid denim jacket and a statement sleeve blouse to the already bizarre combo. The texture from the sequins played nicely off of the Supreme corduroy cap. Tennis shoes and my favorite sunnies finished everything off. I guess it was a crazy pairing, but there was a method to my madness. All in all, it worked.

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